Whole World: The International Literacy Day

Whole World: The International Literacy Day – Tomorrow will celebrate The International Literacy Day. Our school, MI Muhammadiyah PK Kartasura was celebrated it. As we knows, literacy weren’t just about the text. It is beyond. On this moment, we wrote down the greeting with many languages and many letters. It’s about 36 languages and 23 letters. Which writed by all of our students in a piece of fabric.

The main purpose is to introduce the students to many languages and many letters. Those message is “Good International Literacy Day”. We are celebrating it now because the school agenda is crash. Those not a big deal as long as the purpose was reached. The International Literacy Day is one of movement that declare to fight againt letter blind which inflict every single country that cause slow growth human building index.

Literacy or language or letter did inflict from prehistoric creature to modern creature. Sorry if i am using this words. But, those are the truth. Starting from know then to learn then to understood, every single man could do better thing. If you wanna claim the whole world, better you start by mastering the language. May whole world will on your hand.

Ditulis oleh: Muhammad Platori Rufi’atna
The ordinary teacher